105.7 The Point Ho Ho #4 / Greek Fire

12/17/2011 Pop’s Nightclub Suget, IL. - One thing stands out for me from Saturday’s final Point 105.7 Ho Ho show of the season, showcasing local bands: St. Louis Mo. has some very talented Mofo’s! (Connibal Road, Exit 714, Killer Me Killer You, Brookroyal, Greek Fire). What a great way to close the Ho Ho Series, and put a period on my final photoshoot of 2011. As great as all the bands were during their sets, this was Greek Fire’s night. I actually began this year shooting Greek Fire at their 1/18/11 show at Pops. So we’ve come full circle. 8 shoots later, here we are again. But this one was different. Earlier this year, everyone was mesmorized by the band’s live shows (GF is Phillip Sneed aka; Moon, Ryan Philips, Mark Joseph Roth, and Johnny Venus), it was clear something special was going on with these guys on stage. With help from the independently produced album Deus Ex Machina, countless live performances, regional and national radio exposure, and a fan base that now extends across the world, people are paying attention. This was most evident Saturday night, when the packed house of 1100 fans, sang the lyrics (very loud btw), to every song they performed. 2011 will be remembered as ‘Just The Beginning’ for this band, and the year ahead is yet to be written. All I know is, I want to continue watching, and photographing their journey, while still being able to access them in smaller venues. Every indication tells me, this won’t be for long. Photo’s after the jump.

Dan Marsala of Story of the Year joins GF on stage.

For the full set from Greek Fire, & shots from Killer Me Killer You, & Brook Royal, please head to the RknGallery for many more.

Thanks for checking in with Rknphoto throughout 2011! This is my final shoot of the year, and from the buzz I’m hearing, 2012 will be remarkable. Stay tuned!

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