SADE w/ John Legend

7/28/2011 Scottrade Center, St. Louis, MO. – This was a quick two songs and done, from each artist, back of house at the soundboard. John Legend opened the evening with a headliner like performance. This was my first time seeing him, and I became a fan tonight. There’s so much to say about Sade‘s show, that if I were actually a show reviewer, I would probably write a book! I had seats for this show, and have been a big fan since hearing Smooth Operator way back in the day. The first couple of songs I shot were simple stage settings, spotlights and color washes, that introduced the band to an enthusiastic ‘welcome back!’ crowd. What would follow, as I watched from my seat, is perhaps the best overall visual concert I’ve ever seen. Sade sounded incredible, the musicians on stage were in a class of their own, and the sound was crisp and flawless. But, equal to the musical perfection, was the stage/set design, lighting, & visual media. Every song had a visual story that mirrored the mood and emotion of the arrangements. If every show I’ve seen prior was VHS and DVD, this experience was like a live 3D Blu-Ray Disc. This show took concerts to another level in my opinion. If you’re not in St. Louis, and this tour comes your way, you must go, trust me. Photos after the jump.

Full set from Sade and John Legend at the RKNGALLERY.

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