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I am consolidating, minimizing my gear bag for 2019, and have to make room for the new arrivals. I am selling my entire Canon collection (2 cameras, lenses, & accessories, along with my sweet & elite, Sony a9 mirrorless beast. All items are Used, good to excellent condition.

Items below are for sale, individually. Prices are firm, and have been adjusted for cosmetic imperfections. Reasonable offer accepted if interested in purchasing multiple items. Everything I am selling works flawlessly. See links for specs and info.

Payment – Cash, Paypal & Venmo

If interested, please reach out to me via the contact on

SONY a9 – $3100 (retail $4499)

This camera is bar none, the best mirrorless FULL FRAME digital camera on the market today. Too many features and specs to list. This is for pros that have done the research, and know what they are buying.

Includes Sony a9 body, charger, battery, and strap. Bonus extra battery.

Compatible with Sony E-mount lenses, or Canon EF lenses (every Canon lens listed below) with Sigma MC-11 adapter (EF lenses to E-mount cameras)

Sigma MC-11 Adapter $100 (retail $249)

Sony info page

Sony.a9-P1010003 Sony.a9-P1010009

Canon 5D MK III $1000

This camera has been my go to workhorse for 4 years. Approximately 60,000 clicks, rated to 300,000. 75% of the images on this website were produced with this camera. Still considered one of Canon’s best ever produced digital Full Frame cameras.

Includes Canon 5D MK III body, charger, 4 batteries, strap, wired remote shutter release, wireless remote shutter release, & manual. Some wear & scrapes on the exterior (see photos), healthy on the inside.

Canon specs & info

canon.5dmkIII-DSC04565 canon.5dmkIII-DSC04568 canon.5dmkIII-DSC04570 canon.5dmkIII-DSC04571 canon.5dmkIII-DSC04573

Canon EOS 70D – $450

Great camera for someone wanting to up their game from the Canon Rebel Series, or for your first digital SLR. This is a CMOS cropped sensor, Dual Pixel camera, fantastic stills, & video features. I primarily used this as a back up camera, gently used, in pristine condition. Less than 10,000 clicks, rated to 250,000.

Canon 70D specs & info

canon.70d-DSC04561 canon.70d-DSC04563 canon.70d-DSC04559

Canon 85MM f/1.2 L II USM Lens – $1150 (retail $1999)

The grand daddy of Canon Portrait lenses. I’ll miss her.

Includes lens, front/rear caps, hood, carry pouch

Canon 85mm f/1.2 specs & info

canon.85mmf1.2-DSC04576 canon.85mmf1.2-DSC04579 canon.85mmf1.2-DSC04589

Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L $775

The lens that is in every photographers bag, or should be. Great low light, tack sharp, and compact mid range zoom.

Includes lens, front/rear caps, hood, delivered in original box

Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L specs & info

canon.24.70f2.8-DSC04609 canon.24.70f2.8-DSC04611 canon.24.70f2.8-DSC04612 canon.24.70f2.8-DSC04615

Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L IS USM $900

Best low light telephoto zoom ever made. The 70-200 is another lens found in most photographers bags.

Includes lens, front/rear caps, hood, tripod mount, zippered carry case, delivered in original box

Canon.70.200-P1010020 Canon.70.200-P1010022 Canon.70.200-P1010026

Canon 24-105 f/4 L IS USM $650 ($999 retail)

All around perfect lens for all Canon EOS systems.

Includes lens, front/rear caps, petal hood

Canon 24-105 f/4 specs & info

Canon.24.105-P1010015 Canon.24.105-P1010016 Canon.24.105-P1010018

Canon 15MM f/2.8 Fisheye Lens $325

Perfect compact low light wide angle ‘fisheye effect’ lens.

Includes lens, front/rear caps (petal hood built into lens body)

Example of Canon 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival © Kenny Williamson – Rknphoto

Tokina 16-28 f/2.8 Pro FX Wide Angle Lens (Canon Mount) $450

I love Tokina lenses above all other third party offerings. Far less expensive, and in my opinion, just as fast & sharp as Canon’s 16-35 wide angle. Great in low light, I’ve used this at virtually every concert shoot from the stage, and for crowd shots from soundboard.

Includes lens, front/rear caps, (petal hood built into lens body, delivered in original box.

Tokina 16-28 f/2.8 specs & info

tokina.16.28f2.8-DSC04596 tokina.16.28f2.8-DSC04595 tokina.16.28f2.8-DSC04593 tokina.16.28f2.8-DSC04590

Canon G1X MK II $400 (retail $750)

Not your daddy’s point & shoot. This camera is simply amazing. Huge 1.5 inch CMOS Sensor, near DSLR quality images. One of my favorite images I’ve ever shot was with this camera, see below.

Includes camera, battery, charger, strap, & manual. Bonus extra battery. Delivered in original box.

Canon G1X MK II specs & info

canon.g1xmkII-DSC04552 canon.g1xmkII-DSC04554 canon.g1xmkII-DSC04557

From my seat at Chaifetz Arena, Bruce Springsteen – shot with the Canon G1X MK II




© Kenny Williamson / Rknphoto




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