9/29/2018 – The Pageant, St. Louis. Sold out show, one night with Dino Merlin, Hotel Nacional Tour. I love getting calls to photograph artists I am not familiar with. I signed on for an all show, all access opportunity to shoot Dino Merlin. I learned he is a European superstar, on a limited U.S. run of shows that, preceding St. Louis, had sold out two shows in NYC, and two shows in Chicago. What I witnessed was a man with an engaging audience, ranging in a stunning diverse age range of 17 to 60 year old fans. The language and lyrics were sung in Croation, but the melodies and arrangements, backed by his stellar band, were presented in a way that somehow I understood, and immediately could recognize why Mr. Merlin is an international star. My posts from this show via Instagram, were the most popular and liked photos of 2018, from followers all across the globe. Photos below.

Dino Merlin

This show was so much fun to be at, and shoot. Thank you Dino, and his management for the pleasant surprise. Many more photos from this night. Follow this link to the gallery to see all.

Dino Merlin Gallery

All images © Kenny Williamson