2014 – Another great year, of great performances & shows, has come and gone. These are 25 personal picks of the thousands of photos I accumulated during 2014. Head to my home page and scroll down, or search to see full sets from these artists. I never take for granted the privilege I have each and every time I step into a photo pit. I try and make the best of the 2 or 3 songs I am authorized to shoot, and hopefully get one stand out image to be proud of. Each of these photos has a story, an emotion, and a right time, right place circumstance. Set to the soundtrack of ‘Top of the World‘ by Greek Fire, one of my favorite bands to photograph, and among the finest humans I know. Thank you for visiting rknphoto.com, see you all in 2015, at the newly re-named ‘Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre‘, operated by Live Nation, and most venues around town.