11/29/2014 – The Pageant St. Louis, MO. – The annual Tribute to SRV has been going on for 16 years here in St. Louis, MO. Started by local blues guitarists Steve Pecaro, Tony Campanella, and Jimmy Lee Kennett. I have known, and have been entertained by some of these guys for almost 20 years, and they along with every musician who took the stage on this night, have known each other even longer. They are all brothers, with mutual respect, support, and love for each other. Our music fraternity, and their long time partner Jimmy Lee Kennett, passed away in 2014, and this emotional show was dedicated to, and really was, a tribute to this great man. Obeid Khan‘s ‘Wrath of Khan‘ Band also joined the guys this year, along with a who’s who list of players from around town. The show is produced & sponsored by KSHE95 radio.

The full set of images from this show can be seen at the Rknphoto Zenfolio Gallery

Look for Steve Pecaro Band, & Tony Campanella Band on Facebook, and playing around St. Louis on any given weekend.