7/10/2013 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater St. Louis, MO. – Seems like every time the Dave Matthews Band rolls in to town, the show (and experience) ends up being amongst the top of my favorites list. From a photographic perspective, you get the full package of dynamic personalities, ┬áincredible lighting and set design, and of course the music and performance that makes you one with the fans around you. A typical shooting agreement is ‘first 3 songs, no flash’, and will last about 11 minutes for most shows I shoot. On this night, the ‘first 3 songs (Seek Up, Tripping, Gaucho) clocked in at around 40 minutes, giving the photographers plenty of time to allow scenes to unfold, and giving us a full spectrum of color, and scenes to capture. One thing I picked up on right away, was that violinist Boyd Tinsley was making magic early in the show, so I turned my lens on him exclusively for about 15 minutes during the set. I ended up doing a special feature of him with what I captured, and the moments he came center stage for solos, and when he and Dave were ‘toying’ with each other face to face, (which turned into an epic dual of back & forth licks), was the highlight of the show for me. Always a joy going to a DMB show, but shooting a DMB show is always a reminder why I love what I do. Photos below.

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