5/4/2013 The Icehouse, Wentzville, MO. – Tony Campanella. My connection to Tony, began in 1995, when I moved back to St. Louis, and lived with my folks for a couple months until I got settled. The first thing on my ‘to do’ list, was to find Live Music in town (followed by locate closest grocery store, gas station, good deli sandwich, etc.). I wondered to Soulard, a 1 square mile neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown StL. The first place I went, was 1860’s Saloon. My intent was to begin here, then bar hop throughout the many bars located close together, until I found my home away from home. There was no reason to go any further, because the sound in 1860’s was just what I was looking for, taking notice of a band called ‘The Sliders’. First was the killer rhythm section of Daryl Whited on drums, and the late Mike ‘Bike’ Baker on bass. Jim & Stuart on Trumpet and Sax, and this kid who I couldn’t take my ears and eyes off of on lead guitar, named Tony Campanella. Blues, Rock, Funk, cover songs of artists I’ve never heard any other band cover, done to perfection. I followed this band from that night on, eventually becoming friends with them all. When the Sliders desolved, Tony would form and front his own band, with revolving musicians, and for 10 years, has become one of St. Louis’s premier players. Stevie Ray Vaughn has, like Clapton, Jimmy Page, & Hendrix, inspired perhaps 90% of every guitar player playing music today. Clearly, Tony’s consistent spirit & passion, is fueled by the standard Stevie set forth, when he wrote the book on electric modern era Blues/Rock. Currently joined by Nick Collico on bass, and Terry Melton on drums, The TCB can be heard any given week in and around town. For 10 years running, Tony is joined by friends Jimmy Lee Kennett, and Steve Pecaro (two exceptional guitar players deserving of your attention), as they play Tribute to SRV, with a killer show held annually at The Pageant. I am proud to call Tony my friend, and thank him for the many years of joy, and many more to come. Photos below.

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