4/4/2013 Scottrade Center St. Louis, MO. – I feel like I’ve been friends with Bob Seger since 1977. The Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band ‘Live Bullet’ cassette was owned by me, and all of my high school buddies, and was in the car with us during numerous road trips and shenanigans throughout my youth. This is why I always love shooting the ‘classic rockers’, because it becomes more than a concert shoot for me. For a moment, I am reconnected to a time and place in my life that I will never forget. A Bob Seger show, is a group singalong by 15,000 + people, because for about 2 hours you are reminded of how many songs you know, that you didn’t think you knew… good times. The One Two punch evening began with Joe Walsh, embracing the success of his 2012 release ‘Analog Man’ album. Joe seems to be in a good place. His songs also, are familiar, and with Joe’s humor and ‘Joe’isms’ thrown in throughout the night (first spoken words, “Good Morning”), you just knew if you picked one concert to go to this year, you made a good call. Like the previous stop in St. Louis in Dec. 2011, the photographers were restricted to choice of stage left, or right. I chose stage left, which turned out to be a good decision, for most of the shots of Bob Seger in this post, occurred when during song 2, he walked to my end of the stage, giving me a great angle, as if I were center in the pit. Photos below.

Info about this tour, and all things Bob Seger, and Joe Walsh, can be found on their official websites.

BOB SEGER official site

JOE WALSH official site

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