8/1/2012 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater St. Louis, MO. – Nic Cowan is an artist on Zac Brown & company’s Southern Ground label, supporting the recently released debut record ‘Hardheaded’. Originally scheduled for a short opening set, preceding Sonia Leigh, it was announced Sonia was not performing at the StL show. Nic Cowan and his band were given a full hour to get the evening started, and welcomed the opportunity to hit it out of the park. Had you not known anything different, you’d think this was the way it was planned from the beginning. Playing with energy, passion, great songs, and lots of on stage fun, I was introduced to an eclectic performer with a musical style that reminded me of, well, nothing. That’s a good thing, nice to see and hear a band not from the same cookie cutter mold from the Nashville music factory. Photos below.


To get familiar with Nic Cowan, visit his official website HERE.

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