8/20/2011 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater St. Louis, MO. – Incubus returned to VWA for the first time since July 2009, this time in support of the recently released ‘If Not Now, When’ album. 20 years strong, the band still packs amphitheaters, and delivered it’s trademark diverse, musically influenced brand of rock. Framed within a visually satisfying set and lighting atmosphere, vocalist superb Brandon Boyd only gets better everytime I see him. Without support from the tour’s opener (the amazing Tom Morello) for this date, St. Louis based Greek Fire stepped in (many of you will recognize members Philip Sneed, and Ryan Phillips, from the band Story Of The Year), and provided an electric 50 min. set, that was a great compliment to Incubus. Photo’s after the jump.

RKNPHOTO Set of Greek Fire HERE.

More shots of this show can be found in the RknGallery.

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