Greek Fire – Pointfest 28

5/15/2011 Pointfest 28 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater St. Louis, MO. – Misty rain, cold, beer, (& cold beer), thousands of fans, guitars, volume 11, a 100 ft. mic chord, and a red sofa cushion. It has Rock Show written all over it. Especially an outdoor festival, with easy access from the stage to the crowd, perfect conditions for a Greek Fire ass whoopin’ good time. One of my favorite bands to shoot, I’m beginning to always say to myself, ‘What will Moon do tonight?’ Ah the red sofa cushion… It was the water cooler next day conversation of most of us, and the moment that everyone that was there, was texting and telling their friends about. If you were there early to see the side stage artists, then you know you witnessed an amazing 30 minute GF set. Moon, Ryan, Mark Joseph, and Johnny Venus are incredible musicians, they have been fine tuning this machine for over a year now, and are ready, seriously ready, to take the ball and rock with it. ┬áHere’s some shots of their set after the jump.
Click the rknGallery slideshow below, and watch in full screen to see all the shots from the Greek Fire set. Hope to see you all on Facebook!

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