Eagles with the Dixie Chicks Busch Stadium

June 24, 2010 St. Louis, MO. Busch Stadium – The Eagles, along with the Dixie Chicks, brought to St. Louis the first big concert event of the year, and the second stadium concert at Busch (Dave Matthews Band performed here in 2009). Following 4 or 5 days of excessive, yet predictable StL heat and humidity, it turned out to be a perfect mid 70’s evening for the polished Eagles to deliver their greatest hits package.

I’m no music critic, but the Dixie Chicks, Natalie Maines, Emily Robison, and Martie Maguire, backed by a smokin’ hot group of players, sounded better than ever, and received a nice welcome from their StL fans who stuck with them from the beginning, including me.

Uh… before we get to the photos, excuse me for a second, while I apologize. If you’re curious what Don Henley or Glen Frey looks like close up, you won’t see it here. This was a sound board shoot, a stadium sound board shoot, which means a Nasa like telescope lens was necessary to get anything tight. Even with my 70 – 200mm with a canon 1.5x extension, it wasn’t going to happen, at least for me. That’s right, I’m a cheap bastard, and renting a lens for the night for $100 wasn’t an option. ┬áThe photographer area was ground level, behind the seating extended from the stage. Of course, everyone stood up for the show, presenting another challenge. I knew this going in, so instead of just focusing on the performers, I took the approach of doing an event shoot, trying to capture the flavor of the show and surrounding environment in, and around the stadium. I should also note, that beyond the first 3 songs from the photographer pit, I put the real gear in the media room, and put my ‘fan’ hat on, and snapped a few with my point n shoot Sony Cybershot while enjoying the show. OK, enough groveling…

The following are personal shots with the Sony Cybershot, including some wannabe panoramic stitches.

And apparently, they’ll let just about anyone into the venue. Check out this knucklehead..

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