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2014 Favorite 25 Images

2014 – Another great year, of great performances & shows, has come and gone. These are 25 personal picks of the thousands of photos I accumulated during 2014. Head to my home page and scroll down, or search to see full sets from these artists. I never take for granted the privilege I have each and every time I step into a photo pit. I try and make the best of the 2 or 3 songs I am authorized to shoot, and hopefully get one stand out image to be proud of. Each of these photos has a story, an emotion, and a right time, right place circumstance. Set to the soundtrack of ‘Top of the World‘ by Greek Fire, one of my favorite bands to photograph, and among the finest humans I know. Thank you for visiting rknphoto.com, see you all in 2015, at the newly re-named ‘Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre‘, operated by Live Nation, and most venues around town.


Garth Brooks

12/6/2014 – Garth Brooks ‘Man Against Machine‘ World Tour paid a visit to St. Louis for 4 sold out shows at Scottrade Center. I did not submit a request for a photo credential for the tour, however, I did purchase tickets during the on sale day, where 1 show turned into 4 in a matter of a few short minutes (it seemed). By the time I got through, 2 shows had sold out, and the third had just begun. Knowing Scottrade Center a bit, when I saw section 118, row L pop up, I knew I’d be right in the thick of it, looking down from stage right, 12 rows up. I decided to bring along a point & shoot camera, and hope for the best. I don’t typically post my ‘fan pics’ here, but I felt I captured a few moments to give you a taste of the performance and atmosphere. I can easily admit, this was among the very best performances, productions, and energetic audience interaction shows I’ve ever witnessed. There is a reason this man is an icon, he gets it, every band member & vocalist on stage gets it, and they all, give all. (more…)

Story of the Year, Greek Fire, F! Off & Dies

12/5/2014 The Pageant St. Louis, MO. – ‘Family Night’ it was. For the first time in StL, Story of the Year, Greek Fire & Fuck Off and Dies (which features members of SOTY) played to a sold out show in their home town. Sponsored by St. Louis radio, 105.7 The Point. I’ve been fortunate to get know these guys over the years, and have shot them many times. As talented as they are musically, most importantly they are all class, humbled, appreciative, generous, and quality human beings that are always fun to be around… and I thank them for allowing me to stand on Josh Wills drum riser, OMG!!! (more…)

Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan

11/29/2014 – The Pageant St. Louis, MO. – The annual Tribute to SRV has been going on for 16 years here in St. Louis, MO. Started by local blues guitarists Steve Pecaro, Tony Campanella, and Jimmy Lee Kennett. I have known, and have been entertained by some of these guys for almost 20 years, and they along with every musician who took the stage on this night, have known each other even longer. They are all brothers, with mutual respect, support, and love for each other. Our music fraternity, and their long time partner Jimmy Lee Kennett, passed away in 2014, and this emotional show was dedicated to, and really was, a tribute to this great man. Obeid Khan‘s ‘Wrath of Khan‘ Band also joined the guys this year, along with a who’s who list of players from around town. The show is produced & sponsored by KSHE95 radio. (more…)

Best of Rknphoto 2014 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater


2014/Summer of.. – Here are highlights from every show I photographed at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St. Louis, MO., during the 2014 concert season. These are my personal selections, which I hope represents the emotion, energy, artistry, and passion of the performance during the moment of capture, as well as being a diverse representation of my work. Credentialed photographers at music events, are authorized by the tour, or artist management, to photograph only the first 2, or first 3 songs of the performance. As the house photographer at this venue, I receive no special privileges, or advantage. I have to follow the same rules as every photographer receiving a photo pass. There are different situations for each show, regarding where the photographer is authorized to be. Our location is typically a 50/50 split whether we’ll be authorized to shoot from the photo pit directly in front of the stage, or placed at the soundboard location. Sometimes we are permitted to shoot from the side aisles, or from the side only within the photo pit (restricted from being directly in front of the artist). There are many unknowns at every show, and it is these challenges that make every experience different, exciting, sometimes frustrating, but always enjoyable, and educational. Every year I try to raise the bar for myself, in terms of technical execution, timing, post editing, and patience. I personally feel, that I’ve produced my best work in 2014, and believe 2015 will be even better. That’s the plan anyway. There are a lot of images that follow, so if you make it through them all, I sincerely thank you for your time. Enjoy, KW. (more…)

Photo Pit Gladiators

2014 – At Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (Riverport) in St. Louis, MO., I shoot around 25 shows a year, over one hundred bands. At any given show, I will share the photo pit with 2 to 12 other photographers. At every show, I also share the pit with 6 to 10 security personnel, my photo pit brothers, the real gladiators inside the rail. This is often a lot of bodies, in a very tight place. Each of us have a job to do, and it doesn’t matter how good of a photographer you are, when entering a photo pit at a large venue, if pit etiquette and respect are not part of your tool kit attributes, chances are you will not come home with home run images, and you will forever be labeled “the dick” upon ever returning to shoot at that venue again. I’ve come to know all of the security team at the venue, earning their respect by playing by the rules, and in turn respecting their space, knowing they are there to protect the artist, and control the crowd. Knowing that any one of them will politely lean to the left, or right, 6 to 8 inches, can make the difference between a good shot, and a great shot. Once you get beyond their ‘game face’ during a performance, these are all good dudes. Like myself, by day they all have careers, families, and other interests. They are there because they enjoy the concert experience, don’t complain (too much) about long hours, and over the years have become family with each other, working together as a unit, and performing their job like well oiled machines. I was happy to be able to put together these portraits over the course of this past season, as well as post some unpublished images I’ve captured of these guys in action. Like it or not, I’ve accepted that often they become part of the subject and composition, at virtually every show I’ve shot. More times than not, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Photos below. (more…)

Pearl Jam

10/03/2014 Pearl Jam never disappoints. Scottrade Center St. Louis, MO. Photos Go! (more…)

Bastille, Switchfoot, Capital Cities, & More

9/21/2014 – The 2014 concert season at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St. Louis, MO. came to a close with The Big Summer Show, brought to you by alternative rock radio station 105.7 The Point. Bastille, Capital Cities, Swithchfoot, J Roddy Walston, OK GO, Bear Hands, Royal Blood, and Meg Myers. Photos Go! (more…)

Zac Brown Band

9/12/2014 – Zac Brown Band with Ryan Kinder at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater St. Louis, MO. Photos Go! (more…)


8/28/2014 – There are 4 living, breathing band members in the Rock and Roll HOF Band KISS, & then there is a silent 5th member, known simply as ‘Ms. Killer Light Show‘ (so beautiful & sexy, it must be female inspired) that is everything over the top that a music photographer like me loves. On tour with Def Leppard & The Dead Daisies, in celebration of the bands 40 year history, this show at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St. Louis, MO. did not disappoint myself, or the thousands of KISS Army fanatics. (more…)

The Dead Daisies

8/28/2014 – The Dead Daisies are currently touring with KISS and Def Leppard. Solid, impressive, in your face rock & roll, marking the homecoming of St. Louis native Richard Fortus on guitar. (more…)

ZZ Top, Jeff Beck

8/24/2014 – ZZ Top along with Jeff Beck & Tyler Bryant at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater St. Louis, MO. (more…)

Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line

8/22/2014 – Jason Aldean with Florida Georgia Line, 1st of two sold out shows at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater St. Louis, MO. (more…)

Elton John – 2014 Show Book

In November 2013, I had the opportunity to photograph Sir Elton John at Chaifetz Arena, in St. Louis, MO. This was the first time I had seen Elton John in concert, and as a music fan first (photographer second), I was excited to see this iconic performer, and creator of a large catalog of music from my generation. Photographers for this performance, which was ‘an evening with’, no opening act, were permitted to shoot the first two songs. Song # 1 (Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding), we were placed at the front of the stage, directly in front of EJ’s piano, which was relatively forward of the band,  stage right. Song # 2 (Benny and the Jets), we were moved to the stage right aisle approximately 12 rows back. If you are familiar with the first song, you know it is lengthy, clocking in at over 10 minutes, which for concert photographers, seems like an eternity. This allowed me to utilize my entire camera bag, which included 2 camera bodies (Canon 5D MKII, Canon 7D), & 4 lenses (Canon 24-70, 70-200, 15mm fisheye, & a wide angle Tokina 11-16). This was one of those nights, when everything you hope for falls into place, from a photographer perspective – Great performance, Great position, and Great lighting. I was happy with the images I captured, and at best, I knew there would be at least one new print hanging in my basement, alongside other favorite photos of music moments I’ve experienced, and photographed. Out of the blue, two months later, I received an email from Elton’s management, inquiring about licensing images from this show, to include in a concert tour program, that would be sold with other merchandise beginning with his summer 2014 tour. By the end of our discussion, 8 of my images were agreed upon, for use in the book, as well as other promotional marketing associated with Elton John’s live shows. I was thrilled to finally see the finished production of the show book, and was super geek thrilled to see that Elton had personally autographed the cover (this was jokingly part of my ‘negotiation’, that I really wasn’t expecting to happen). It’s always exciting, for any photographer, writer, or artist, to see their work published. It rarely happens to me, primarily because this is not my full time career, and I don’t actively pursue publications, or other media outlets. This entire experience is a bonus on top of an already fulfilling, and non monetary driven passion. The show book looks amazing, creatively put together, well written, and features photography during the course of Elton’s 40 year career. I am proud, and honored to have a small part within the book, and I appreciate that they took the time to recognize all the people who contributed the content, in print, within it’s design. Photos below from the show, & book. (more…)